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Thino - 0.35mm Thin

Thino - 0.35mm Thin

Thino - 0.35mm Thin


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The Thino for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus is the world's thinnest case. It offers protection to your iPhone without adding bulk.

  • Minimal Design: Keeps the original feel & look of your iPhone.
  • Seamless Design: Thino wraps seamlessly around your iPhone to offer a 360° Protection.
  • Subtle Camera Lip: Protecting the protruding camera lens.
  • Hand-Grip: Enhanced texture providing optimal Hand-Grip.

Our tips before purchase:

  • Clear colour goes well with Rose Gold, Gold & Silver iPhones.
  • Grey colour goes well with Gold, Silver & Black iPhones.
  • Solid Black colour goes well with Grey & Black iPhones.
  • Jet Black colour goes well with Black & Jet Black iPhones.


Thino for iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

The Thino protects your iPhone without adding bulk.

  • 0.35mm Thin

    Thinnest iPhone Case. Only 0.35mm thick.
  • Good Hand-Grip

    Enhanced Texture providing good Hand-Grip.
  • Subtle camera Lip

    Protecting the protruding Camera lens
  • Seamless design & protection

    Thin wraps seamlesly around your iPhone.